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AI-Powered Medical Software

User-friendly, integrated, and customizable web-based EMR/EHR software for optimized efficiency, improved patient outcomes, and better work-life balance.

StarChart Supports Healthcare Practices
and Businesses of All Types & Sizes

Optimize patient care, streamline medical record management,and foster seamless provider collaborations
through our all-in-one software solution.
Reduce the amount of time you spend on multiple platforms carrying out different tasks. Perform all of your tasks on a single, unified platform.
Reduce prescription errors, identify potential drug interactions or allergies, and provide real-time patient care reminders or recommendations, all of which contribute to increased patient safety.
StarChart’s AI-powered EMR software analyzes patient medical data and suggests personalized treatment approaches to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction.

We create the software,
and you enjoy the benefits

Focus more on patient care. Reduce burnout, documentation errors, and time spent on administrative tasks.

Experience a Fully Virtual & Smart Software Solution

Use StarChart in your private outpatient clinic, medical spa, dental practice, surgical practice, veterinary clinic, school clinic, etc.

Improve Virtual Sessions & Provider-Patient Engagement

Enhance patient engagement with virtual tools that allow you and your patients to communicate effectively and collaborate on their care.

Save Time and Increase Productivity

Efficiently access and retrieve patient data faster, save on paper and storage expenses, and streamline administrative processes.

Regulatory Compliance

StarChart allows medical practitioners to meet regulatory criteria and documentation standards for audits, billing, legal, and healthcare compliance.

Everything you need, for your
Healthcare Practices and Businesses

StarChart EMR

Provide patients with a secure platform to access their medical records. Our Health Information Exchange Interface allows secure and seamless data sharing of Electronic Medical Records.

StarChart EHR

Empower patients with secure access to their medical records via our HIE (Health Information Exchange) Interface, enabling seamless EMR (Electronic Medical Records) sharing.

Luna Telemedicine

Consult with patients from anywhere via video, audio, or chat. Prescribe medications, update patient charts, and collaborate with other providers for comprehensive patient care.

Spark Prescriptions

Optimize your prescription workflow, easily retrieve patient medication records, and get alerts about potentially harmful drug interactions. Ensure patient safety and personalized care.

Amber Appointments

Effortlessly manage appointments and set automatic reminders for patients to minimize no-shows. Stay organized, save time, and help your patients stay on track for optimal care and satisfaction.

Bloom Admin Portal

Take control of your practice operations like never before. Effortlessly handle patient databases, team management, department coordination, user role assignments, and more.

Echo Client Portal

Provide patients with a convenient online portal that enables them to effortlessly make payments, schedule appointments, and securely communicate with you via audio, video, or chat.

Whizz LIMS

Whizz Laboratory Information Management System offers comprehensive workflow automation and remote result access, as well as collaborations with referring physicians for patient diagnoses.

StarChart Client App

We can develop a mobile application specifically designed for your medical practice that efficiently synchronizes appointments and virtual consultations, as well as billing, and more.

Custom Requests

The StarChart software solution can be used as-is and deployed for your use within minutes. It can also be tailored to accommodate the unique requirements of your business or practice.

Zen eWallet & Claims

Simplify insurance claims and facilitate secure electronic payments. Effortlessly manage transactions, track reimbursements, and streamline your financial processes with Zen eWallet.

Scribe Analytics

The Scribe data analytics reporting feature obtains valuable insights regarding customer behavior and internal operations in order to facilitate robust reporting for informed decision-making.

Manage your Medical Practice
or Business From One Software

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